John Armitage RCST

Mindfulness, NLP, Craniosacral Therapy

John is the founder of Natural Health and has been a Registered Craniosacral Therapist since 2005. His work is guided by his core training in cranial work and more recently, therapeutic NLP, yet also draws upon further study and training with osteopaths and psychotherapists, and is further influenced by developments in the growing fields of energy medicine and trauma therapies.

His approach recognises that each of us is a complex whole and that we have enormous potential for self-healing. He believes that the job of the therapist is often to get out of the way and enable the client’s inner resources to unfold.

He has a particular interest in body-mind connections and how our tissues appear to hold on to traumatic memory from our past.

Through his clinical work and from personal practice, he has developed and implemented Mindfulness-based exercises, workshops and programmes for individuals, groups and organisations. For more information click here.

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