Which therapy...?

Which therapy...?

08 November 2011

Here are some things you may wish to consider when choosing a therapy and, just as importantly, a therapist…

Choosing a suitable therapy is a matter of personal choice and is often as much about the therapist as about the therapy.

Some therapies concern our bodies, the physical aspects of us, and others the psychological, how we think and feel about things. Some focus upon practical solutions to life’s problems and others a safe, relaxing space in which to unwind.

Many complementary therapies, as they consider you as a whole person, will endeavour to support you with a combination of issues.

Personal recommendations can be very important and may give you an idea of what a therapist is like.

You may wish to speak informally with a number of therapists, even if they seemingly practice the same therapy, as only you will be able to decide whether you feel they are someone with whom you can work.

Check a therapist’s website to make sure they are members of an appropriate professional body, are suitably qualified and insured. Many associations will also have additional information about the therapy or therapies in question.