Why choose natural and holistic..?

Why choose natural and holistic..?

10 November 2011

Throughout the UK and the world, millions of people turn every day to complementary and alternative practitioners to aid them with improving and maintaining good health in its widest sense.

Whilst conventional medicine can be very effective at treating a wide range of health problems, many interventions are invasive or have uncomfortable side-effects. The medical model also often only considers one aspect of us; one tissue, organ or system, rather than meeting us as a whole person.

And this is why the natural and holistic approach to health and well-being is so valuable. We are a mind and a body. We have a personality, with attitudes, beliefs, desires, a history of experiences and a felt-sense of being us.

Natural health means valuing us as individuals and recognising that we are all unique, each of us having a different balance of strengths within us and challenges or difficulties that we face in our lives. Even though, when we find ourselves with a problem, it may be primarily physical or psychological in nature, it is us who face it and we are whole in our experience of health.

Hence, one of the greatest strengths of natural therapies is that whilst they do draw upon both tried and tested tradition and modern advances, they usually have a person-centred, empowering approach that seeks to support our inherent capacity for seeking health and balance. A natural approach cares for our experience of our health and our personal sense of well-being and considers what we feel just as important as what can be measured.

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