Winter coughs and colds chasing you around?

Winter coughs and colds chasing you around?

25 January 2012

Coughs and colds.

It’s still the season, everyone round you seems to have a cold and you are sure you’ll be next.

A cough or nose cold usually has a shelf like of 7-10 days. If it goes on for two weeks or more you need help tog et rid of it.

The healthier you are the faster your cold is likely to go, if you are really healthy you are much less likely to have one.

As a homeopath I always ask people why they think they caught the cold. They usually answer that ‘ it was going round’, or that several members of their family have it. That’s not what I mean, what I mean is why did THEY catch it. Why was their Vital force not fighting it off.

You are more likely to catch a cold going the rounds if you are on steroids, if you’ve just had a cold or flu and not quite fought it off, if you are grieving, if you are short of sleep, or not dealing properly with your stress. Each of these reasons will lead me towards a different remedy.

Then I’ll ask you where your cold is, which is the worst bit now, the chest, nose, ears, throat, and which side. We have some remedies, for instance like Allium Cepa, that are more suited to a left nostril cold and Arsenicum Album that is more suited to right nostrils. The same goes for which side of your throat is the more painful.

One of the problems with a cold is that the symptoms can change almost from day to day. That’s where your kit comes in. You may start with Aconite as you caught it when you went out and got cold. Then if that hasn’t nipped it in the pub you may notice that the snot is yellow and that you don’t use your hanky when outside, so then you’ll move to Pulsatilla. Then in a day or two the whole thing may leave your nose and more to your throat when you’ll need Lachesis. That’s fine and normal.

Apparently there’s an outbreak of Whooping cough in South East London. My colleagues there are using Belladona, which is great for short dry shaking cough that comes in bursts. Usually with a headache and a flushed face. They are also using Ipecac for children who aren’t ill with it at all, just coughing, Coccus cacti for those who finish the cough by vomiting. Ant tart, Carbo veg and Phosphorus are other remedies that are helping. One family has three children all on different remedies.

As you have guessed having a kit helps when you have a cold, however you can always benefit from coming to see me and getting the help you need.

Then there’s other things apart from homeopathy you can do to help yourself. No not stay in, that doesn’t help, but when you go out dress warmly. Take Vit C supplements, 1000mg three times a day, it has a 6 hour life in you and won’t do you any harm at that level, and for those of you who say ‘but I eat oranges’ you need seven a day to get that much Vitamin C. Many people find that Zinc helps too, take the maximum it says on the bottle. You can use Echinacea at the same time, again the maximum t says on the bottle, and only take that for 3-4 weeks, after that it doesn’t work so well, so it’s something you should only take when you are ill. Food wise the best thing to do if you have a snotty cold or a moist cough is to leave of all dairy till you are better as dairy foods produce mucous. And stay away from anyone who has a compromised immune system.

Better still, stay healthy and just don’t get the cold in the first place.

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