Atichoo, where’s my Kleenex?

Atichoo, where’s my Kleenex?

01 March 2012

Hay Fever

Atichoo, where’s my Kleenex?
Where are my dark glasses? This is what people start to say as the hay fever season starts. And start it will, as sure as pollen is pollen. Usually the rape is the first thing people complain about, then it moves on to various tree pollens and finally grass ones.Between 15 and 20% of the population is thought to suffer to some extent. It’s more common in families where there is also asthma and eczema.

Some people find they itch inside their mouth and throat, others have runny eyes and nose, some people have weepy red eyes. Sneezing and wheezy breathing are also common.

The whole thing can leave you feeling exhausted, and snappy, that’s horrid, for those who have exams coming up at the time of highest pollen.

What can you do to help yourself? The first thing is to buy some local honey, and I mean local, from a bee keeper with hives within 5 mils from your house if possible, this means the honey will have all the local pollens. You could well benefit from taking a teaspoonful in any form daily all year.

I’ve helped many many people reduce their hay fever symptoms over the years, the best results is when they come to see me about a month before the season begins for them. I choose a homeopathic protocol for them, off they go with their remedies, which in many cases reduces the hay fever year on year by 50%.

They then also have a remedy specific for their particular hay fever, should they need it after this. And their lives are changed for the better, that’s what homeopathy can do for you.

There’s some great research on homeopathy and hay fever should you want to read it, done by Dr. David Taylor Reilly So come and see me as soon as you can.
Annie Hall MCPH, RSHom