Lessons from Birth..?

Lessons from Birth..?

13 March 2012

Lessons from Birth..?

Since the birth of my first child I’ve had an enthusiasm for natural birth. Yet, what do I mean by natural? After all, it’s one of those words, like love, that can mean so many different things. And isn’t it just a bit of a gimmick these days? “Naturally freshened”, “only natural ingredients”, or the corker I saw recently, “covered in natural breadcrumbs” (do some breadcrumbs grow on trees?!)

Well, yes, like any broad concept it can be overused. So, I’ll explain. By ‘natural’, I mean birth with the minimum of intervention and ideally, none at all; birth that reflects our biological and evolutionary history; birth that is not controlled from the outside by thinking about the ‘best’ way to do it, but by following the one who’s actually doing it, the woman, feeling her way through it. In other words, what women have been doing for millennia; birthing babies from within.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting we all sit happily in a luddite past, rejecting all technology and innovation. It’s a question of balance. Broadly speaking to me, one between mind and body; a dynamic tension twixt our growing intellectual understanding of the natural world and our inner bodily knowledge that unconsciously processes our life experience.

The lessons I’ve learned from birth practices have left me with a profound belief that pregnancy and birth are an intricate expression of our shared complexity and plurality of being…connecting us deeply with our Physical, Chemical, Emotional, Sexual, Intellectual, Social and Spiritual natures (at least). And as such, pregnancy and birth are processes and events that offer one of the most intense ways of exploring who and what we really are as a person.

Yet, I also believe these diverse aspects of our selves can be explored at any time. Particularly when facing challenges, difficulties, problems and change. As this is probably the main reason I set up Natural Health, over the next few months, in our Newsletter, we’ll be writing to you about these sides of being human; bodies, chemistry, feelings, emotions, beliefs, relationships and meaning…

Please feel free to join in the discussion…

Best wishes

John Armitage