Getting set- Quantum focussing - A mental martial art

Getting set- Quantum focussing - A mental martial art

21 May 2012

This is an easy 2 minute technique that was originally part of a suite of treatments, developed by Alan Barsky and Michael Ellner, two American hypnotherapists in their treatment of patients with the AIDS virus.
It will help you to get set, either for a task, a training, a presentation or your next meeting or simply when you want to get grounded, relaxed and take a couple of minutes out of the frenzy of the everyday life.

Imagine you were doing a play about YOUR LIFE. How would you prepare for each scene that represented a different chapter in your life. This is what Quantum Focusing helps you to do.
It brings to mind an image of you know, just before you leave the house, you do a final check of yourself, the hair, your collar, your tie, you know how it goes.

Take three deep breaths, in, out, in, out, in, out, noticing each in breath and each out breath. Then, breathe naturally – slowly and easily.
Then, focus your attention on the space that your body occupies, from the top of you head, right down to the tips of your toes. Really feel and notice your whole body…

Spend a moment to focus on that and notice what starts to happen inside.

As you focus on that, I invite you to offer yourself three affirmations:

1.I live with a HAPPY HEART – notice what that feels like…
2.I live with a PLAYFUL SPIRIT – you might feel a tingle as you think of the sparkle in your eye as…
3.I live with a PEACEFUL MIND – notice what it feels like, as you float in that absolute feeling of peace
4.Next, spend a few moments to enjoy the feelings that these affirmations give you.
5.Then, offer yourself one last affirmation in this part and say to yourself firmly and confidently:

Then spend any remaining time to enjoy the peace of the moment and then, as you start to come back to now, I invite you to make yourself one final set of affirmations:

1.I’m perfectly happy to be who I am
2.I’m perfectly happy to be who I am
3.I’m perfectly happy to be who I am

Open your eyes and take a moment to re-focus on your surroundings, enjoying the feeling of being grounded and calm, ready for what’s next.

Shared by Mike Holland.Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, Coaching