Is your baby teething?

Is your baby teething?

21 May 2012

Stop the pain of teething and toothache

Some children and adults struggle with every new tooth they cut, whether it’s a first tooth or a wisdom tooth. The pain and discomfort can be excruciating. Homeopathy can help; but which remedy should you use?

Use Chamomilla if this sounds like you or your child:
1.One cheek is red and the other flushed.
2.The pain is worse at night and in a warm room.
3.Your child screams when put down, but is happy to be cuddled.
4.Your child is unsure of what it wants.
5.Your child has diarrhoea.

Silica is one of the main remedies for tooth abscesses or gum boils. Use Silica if:
1.The pain is worse when eating hot or cold, food and drinks.
2.The pain is worse when going into cold air.

Use Arnica for managing pain after visiting the dentist, for example, after a tooth extraction. Use it for 2-4 times a day for a couple of days afterwards – but don’t use it beforehand.

Use this remedy for teeth that are sensitive, and where it makes you cringe to touch the sensitive area.

Annie Hall, Homeopath & Health Counsellor