Sarah Frith PGDip

Psychosexual Therapy, Relationship Counselling

Sarah is a Relate-trained counsellor and psychosexual therapist. She works with couples and individuals who are having relationship or sexual problems (sometimes both). She helps people who are struggling to communicate effectively and works with them to help them come to a greater understanding of themselves and each other in order to make the changes that will be most helpful to them and their relationships.

An area of special interest to Sarah is the treatment of sexual addiction. This describes any sexual behaviour which feels out of control and despite trying, the client is unable to stop engaging in, such as compulsive use of pornography. She trained with Paula Hall, one of the UK’s leading experts in the treatment of sexual addiction and offers a comprehensive psychoeducational treatment programmes for individuals struggling with sexually addictive behaviours.

For more information about Sarah’s work, or to make an appointment, you can call her directly on 07818 343833.